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When marriage dream fails!!!
by Sada Shivan

luxury of emotions irrespective of home atmosphere. As far as men are concerned major percentage believe if she agrees I will not miss the golden opportunity but many would wish secretly in order to avoid any clash at home.

This is the dream and an expectation of a man, yes, if the relation at home is unsatisfactory becomes journey to heaven.

However, no one can stop imagining the dominant personality of colleague (opposite-sex). That means colleague’s personality has influenced enough to remember and entered in the life. Now working woman/ man maintains relation with two, one physical relation and the other in imagination.

The comparison of spouse and the colleague begins, environmental effect of home and spouse if is stronger he/she inclines towards home and if not the affection starts with the colleague. Colleague’s initiation helps to establish union, some manage secret relation and some dare to get rid of old relationship.

Sexual appetite is essential need of an adult. Some are content and some have great desire due to genetic characteristic, for them controlling sexual desire is very difficult. They need to extinguish their hunger so are in hunt for buddy.

Most women control their sexual desire despite inadequate sexual appetite; such people are normally upset, restless, tedious and etc; in their life.

Sexual appetite is natural process connected with our body and brain functioning, as the relief is by the process of releasing so controlling is not normal can lead to major psychological diseases such as depression, sickness and lifelessness etc; are enough to invite blood pressure, mental and physical problems etc

Reasons for a woman and man to get involved in extramarital affair may be as I feel: 

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