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The Freedom to Fall
by Skye Thomas

So you want a soul mate do you?

Okay not necessarily something that big and cosmic but 'happily ever after' would suffice just fine.

Maybe you have somewhat of an idea the type of person you're looking for and you want to place your order with the cosmos - 'one true love meant for only me, please and thank you.'

Let me ask you this - are you ready?

Are you worthy?

Do you have the freedom to fall madly head over heals in love?

Have you made a space for that one true love to fit so beautifully nested into your life?

Don't be foolish and assume that all things will just naturally fall into place once they show up. Come on now, you know better than that.

Life doesn't play like that. 

The rules of manifesting dictates that you have to make room for that which you are wanting to attract into your life.

You know that two things cannot occupy the same space.

When we want new clothes, we have to first clear out the old ones from our closets as part of letting the universe know that we are making ready a space for that new wardrobe.

Nature abhors a vacuum; something will come to fill that space. The closet never stays empty for very long does it?

So have you made a space for your beloved? Are you single and free?

Free to fall doesn't just mean that you are technically not dating or married.

You can be married to your job, your hobbies, your workout routine, your children, your pets, your church, your parents, or the memories of someone you are no longer intimate with.

You can have these things in your life and walk within balance knowing that they are not the one true love that feeds that place in your soul that only a romantic partner can fill.

However, when you replace the love of 'happily ever after' with your career or with parenting, then you have given your beloved's special place away to another.

You are married in essence to that which has taken the place of a strong romantic bond.

Are you married or involved with someone else while calling your soul mate to you?

Perhaps you want your new love to rescue you from your current situation.

Perhaps you feel too vulnerable and afraid to be single until the right one comes along.

Perhaps you are simply selfish and don't want to do without someone in your life.

Whatever the reason, you want to create a new love before leaving the failed relationship.

It's no good.

You are telling the universe that you do not trust it to provide you with real love.

You are also telling the universe that you are not strong enough to hold up your end of a relationship.


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