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How do you know when it's love?

Besides protection, the sanctuary of love also provides a chance for renewal.  

Sanctuary is not simply an escape from the unpleasant realities of ourselves, for when we share our burdens with others we are re-energized and restrengthened.  

We no longer carry our pains and fears alone and find strength to overcome those pains and fears.  

If we cannot overcome them, then we find in our love the ability to live with our burdens instead of grimly enduring them.  

It must remain a mystery how the love of two people can be greater that the burdens of one.  I only know that it is true from my own experience and that of many others.

Our task is now complete.  I have given you a definition of love: Love is a choice to be committed, vulnerable and responsible to the one for whom you care. 

And I have given you three principles by which to judge your love.  "Do you love them because you need them, or do you need them because you love them?"

"It is not just how much you love someone, but who you are when you are with them."  

"The essence of love is a sense of sanctuary."  I cannot guarantee that this definition and these principles will always lead to love.  I do believe that these ideas will give you a place from which to start as you seek to find love in your life.

Now that we have a definition of love in general, where do we begin to discuss the six loves?  

By starting with the most basic of the six loves, friendship, to which we now turn in the next chapter

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