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Are People using E-cards to Say Important Things in Life Situations

by things-to-say.com

Are people using e-cards to say important things in life situations?

The answer is yes, says things-to-say.com. things-to-say.com is a greeting card site that offers various things to say in life situations.

The most popular category on this site is Love and Romance Situations. People are eating this up. 

A greeting card that says it all -- what a better way to ask for someone's hand in marriage. It works, people are even responding to the marriage proposals with a "yes" or "no" greeting card.

If a man is coming on to a woman that isn't interested in him she can simply send an electronic greeting card that tells him that she is not interested.

You will find different ways to say things, for example it you want to break up in a nice way you can select a card that does just that -- however, if you are bitter and want to portray that bitterness you can do that too. 

Just think about it -- a woman can send a greeting card that tells her love that it's time to get off the pot and get married. They can choose a greeting that says this in a subtle way or they can select the more "get to the point" version.

Maybe your heart is broken and your relationship or marriage is on the rocks -- what better way to get this message across. If you're in an argument with someone but don't feel it's your part to say sorry -- simply send a "let's not fight" greeting card.

Electronic greeting cards are serving as a voice for the world. Greeting cards that say important things for life situations are suiting these times just right.

things-to-say.com offers love and romance situation topics such as;

Say "I Love You" for the first time,
hint that you are romantically interested in someone,
tell someone things are getting hot and heavy,
not sure where the relationship stands,
marriage proposals,

romantic relationship moving too fast,
breaking up, making up, when you are hurt ,
when you think it's time to meet for the first time,
when you hurt someone,
tell someone you'll wait for them,
marriage or romance on the rocks, I like you,
love is blind,
are you thinking what I'm thinking,
you're wearing me out ,
tell a man you're not interested in him,
tell your partner you don't play games, etc.

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