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The Secret of Creating Lifetime Romance
by Michael Skowronski

Ahhh romance

That elusive experience that comes and goes. When we have it we think it will last forever, when we don’t we worry it will never come again.

It is an experience so many crave yet have had so little of in their lives.

True romance feels good. It should not frighten you. If it does not feel good to you then you are confusing romance with all the bad things happens in dysfunctional relationships.

Do you remember how good it feels when you begin falling in love with someone?

The intensity of these good feelings come from our connection with our Source, from many spiritual beings, including our own Inner Being, radiating their enthusiasm & excitement we have found our heart’s desire.

This is why they are so powerful. Good feelings always result from being in alignment with the whole of our being & what we have been asking for.

If you already have romance in your life, whether it is a new relationship or one that you have had for a while, you are in a very good place.

Your dominant vibration is one of great happiness, great joy & great passion. 

That means you have an incredible connection with your source. You should understand this is responsible for many of the other wonderful things are falling into place in your life right now.

If you don’t have romance in your life, but you want it, then you are going to have to bring yourself to that place. You are going to have to romance yourself.

You are going to have to treat yourself wonderfully & give yourself love & nurturing & caring & bring yourself into a place of great joy & passion for life.

Who wants to be around a sourpuss?

No one. Who wants to be around someone with misery in their life?

Very few people want that. If they do want that in their life, do you want them in yours?

So you have to take care of yourself. Look after yourself. Nurture & love yourself, take yourself out to dinner. Buy yourself wonderful things.

Look in the mirror & flirt with yourself.

Challenge the negative messages others have given you. Find things within you that contradict those negative messages.

You need to feel loveable for someone to want to love you & for you to let it in.

If you are in a relationship now & it does not have the romance elements in it you want or you want more from it, then you are the one who is going to have to create it.

You are going to have to make yourself more available for this. You are going to have to treat yourself better so you are in a better feeling place so that you are more attractive to your partner.

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