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5 Questions Men Want To Ask Women ...But Daren't!!

There's just loads of things us men want to know about women ...... what they think ...... what they like ..... what they don't like ......... why our chat up lines don't work ......and so on ......

Unfortunately, there's even more reasons why we can't, won't .......... or DAREN'T ask them and so we just plod on with our lives in the great unknowing......... always wondering.

When I asked the male subscribers to my dating newsletter what questions they always wanted answered by the fairer sex there were a number of questions that were repeated again and again and again!

When I saw this knowledge was being sought after by so many .......... but being found by so few I made my decision ..........

ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH .................. We deserved to know the answers!!!! We NEEDED to know the answers!

So my quest began, and armed with pad and pen, bullet proof vest and perhaps just a little 'dutch courage' I went into battle. Here are the questions I posed for you and a general concensus of the answers:

1. What attracts you to a man?

A. Without a doubt one answer that reared it's head quite a few times was 'Confidence'. Women seem to be very attracted to someone who is (or at least appears to be) full of confidence.

After that, the girls I spoke to were really looking for someone who acted just like they did. For example, a quiet and shy girl will generally not be looking for a 'life and soul of the party' type whereas a real party girl will be most interested in a man who looks like he can really enjoy himself.

The best advice seems to be .........

if you find a girl you're attracted to, take a good look at the way she acts (as well as her attitude) and adjust your own actions so that you match.

2. How much do a man's look matter to a woman?

A. On first impressions a good looking man will obviously catch a girl's eye but I'm assured that this is generally just an initial, superficial reaction. Time after time I was told "look at so and so's boyfriend ...... he's hardly a stunner!".

It seems that rather than looks, it's whether you're funny, trustworthy, intelligent and kind that really matters to a woman.

Note: This wasn't true for everyone I questioned.

One girl wouldn't be interested in a man unless his shoes sparkled ......... and he didn't have small hands!!

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