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I don’t need a man to rectify my existence. -- Shirley MacLaine

by Glenda Gibbs

Ponderings ... Did you know that 3% of the people think, 2% think they think, and 95% of the people would rather die than think.

Purpose of Ponderings is to help people think.

It arrives as a break from what they are doing, allowing them to consider ideas that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Ponderings is aimed at thinkers ... and you must be one.

I don’t need a man to rectify my existence. The most profound relationship we’ll ever have is the one with ourselves. – Shirley MacLaine

I cringe when I hear someone introduce their partner /husband/wife as their ‘other half.’

When I married my children’s father and I became Mrs. Husband’s first and last name, oh my goodness … I thought it gave me value, an identity. I believed that my husband would give me what I didn’t have and the name was one of many ways he rectified my existence.

Having the belief that it took another person to make me whole would always keep me broken – but I didn’t know that.

Somewhere along the path of life I learned that I wasn’t enough … and thought by attaching myself to someone … it would give me wholeness.

I also learned that the more I expected others to complete me the less I would do for myself.

Many years later … my children’s father and I divorced. My other half… the person that rectified my existence was gone… and left me being only half of enough.

On the lighter side…

Once upon a time there were million and trillions of little fishy sperms … and there was one very special little fishy sperm ... you know the one - it decided it was going to be #1 and fought off all the others …it’s magnitude of focus, strength, and wholeness were encapsulated in love … and it made it’s way to your mom’s womb … and here you are today. You were whole then and you are whole today … it’s true. Now it’s up to you to believe it. I do.



About the Author:
Glenda Gibbs is a popular motivational speaker, corporate consultant, coach/counselor, Officiant and writer. Her services include speaking engagements, workshops, one-on-one and internet/phone sessions. If she can be of service to you or you know someone who would benefit, please contact Glenda at (509) 585-9683 or email her at glendmagibbs@yahoo.com.