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''So, how many guys have you slept with?'' 

by Caroline

Men in general do not like to sight of you in the arms of another man.

They imagine your exes romantically more then reality.

Women think alike of their ex's partner.

Many women wanting to be ''sincere'', ''transparent'' or ''truthful'' unknowingly damage or spoil the early stages of the relationship.

I know, I know, you might be thinking now it is an old-fashion thinking.

We are in the 21st century and we have evolved.

You are probably right.

However, you don't know yet how deep are his insecurities.

According to David Zinczenko's book Men, Love & Sex, throughout his book, men have admitted more then once how insecure they can be on different levels.

Consider also that he is not yet sure about you.

He likes you.

He likes to spend time with you.

But is it deep yet?

I wouldn't take any chances, nonetheless.

The answer to fulfill your need of honesty and open, and to set a shield to his ego simultaneously would be to answer this:

''How many guys have I slept with?  Not as much as you dear.''

That is the answer. 

It does 3 things; 

A) You make him feel like a stud.  He will not want to destroy that impression that you have of him

B) It deviates the focus on him instead of you 

C) It is a nice way to convey ''none of your business'' or ''not comfortable with that conversation''

Enjoy your day next moments with him.

About the Author:

Caroline, the owner of this site

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