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Love Could Be An Errand Away
by Toni Coleman

You have signed up on several large dating sites and posted a great profile. So far, you've had some nice responses, but these haven't led to a meeting yet.

Someone told you about a singles group at your church and there is an organization in your city for singles who want to volunteer, and hopefully meet other like-minded people.

You've lost count of all the parties, happy hours and clubs you've been to, hoping to meet compatible singles.

Whew! It's a lot of effort just to be in the right place at the right time with the right people.

Or is it?

In towns and cities everywhere there are single people (likeyourself) going about their daily lives. Schedules consist oflong hours at work and/ or school, commuting, appointments,errands, leisure time pursuits/activities and everything elsethat is part of the fabric of one's existence.

In the course of a day, the average person encounters many strangers on the street, elevator, store, metro, etc.

Have you ever really thought about the possibility that Mr/Ms Right could be the person behind you in line or across the aisle on the metro?

If not, now is a good time to raise your awareness and broaden your thinking on the subject of how and where you can meet compatible singles.

Armed with some newly acquired skills, your next chance encounter could lead to a first date and more. The following are areas to start building the expertise that will help you to stand out and get the right kind of attention when an attractive stranger comes into your sights.

* Always be prepared. You just never know, so you need to makethat extra effort before you rush out of the house. Take a quicklook in the mirror, comb your hair and change those (horrid) oldsweats into a nice pair of jeans.

How you feel about yourself will be projected onto those around you, and really - you do look like your mother in THOSE pants.

* Raise your general awareness of what and who is around you.  Don't walk with you head down, avoiding any eye contact.

Try smiling at people you pass on the street and offer a nice greeting or remark to the folks who wait on you when you shop, do your banking, pick up your clothes at the cleaners, etc.

Take special note of strangers who appear to be single and to have characteristics you seek and surreptitiously check to see if that cute guy/girl is looking your way. If so, smile and say hello if it feels appropriate to do so.

* Watch your body language. Along with holding your head up,remember to keep those shoulders back and walk with acomfortable erectness. Have an "open" posture.

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