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When it comes to the Dating Game, are you Playing with Scared Money?
by Mike Pilinski

Lose that, and now you bet $200.

Next time, $400.

The idea is to keep doubling your bet so that when you finally DO win it will more than cover your previous losses. Yikes!

You see, the confident, ballsy gambler has to keep pushing harder and harder into his losing streak with steely nerves, knowing that a WIN for him is out there eventually.

His only fear is that he goes completely bankrupt before reaching it. But if he does bust out, well...

...there's always next time!

Lots of guys approach the game of love and romance in a similar fashion to the timid gambler. Their "Big Overriding Idea" is to protect their EGO (their "bet") at all costs -- and that cost usually turns out to be complete failure to meet anyone!

Instead of focusing on the importance of WINNING and being successful, they are concerned instead on "not losing" and keeping their self- esteem intact.

But it's exactly this kind of timid approach that turns women OFF and insures your failure with them.

Women can smell your fear -- it's as unmistakable as an open sewer! And it screams: Low Status Male.

Bottom Line: when it comes to scoring with women, like gambling, you will lose far more often than you win. THIS IS HOW THE DAMN GAME IS DESIGNED!!!

Understand something here: the *losses* are the payment for the win -- NOT the "wager" that you make with your self-esteem. I repeat... you pay for your future winnings with the losses, not with the risk to your ego that you feel you're taking.

Keep this in mind because, if you're losing on a regular basis with women, it could be that by protecting your most valuable asset (your ego) you're preventing yourself from laying down a bet with the REAL currency that the Game demands... i.e., a string of setup losses.

You see, the guy playing with scared money doesn't understand that the gamblers' thrill of winning far exceeds the agony of the losses it took to get there.

Dominant males win at the game of seduction because they NEVER play with Scared Money...

And neither should you!

About the Author:
Mike Pilinski is the author of "Without Embarrassment", a new e-book designed to show men how to develop unique psychological defenses to protect themselves from ever having to fear being rejected again. Visit http://www.highstatusmale.com and pick up a FREE copy of the 25 page Mini-Course "The Three Keys to Seducing Any Woman" **Official Author's Website**

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