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Guy Guide To Flowers

by Tenley McDonald

Hey Guys! With this guy guide to flowers, we are here to help!

With these helpful hints on flowers, you will feel more confident about choosing beautiful blooms for that special someone in your life!

Something Simple & Sweet-

Consider a mixed bouquet of daisies, lilies and wild flowers. This mixed bouquet is appropriate no matter what the occasion.


Perfect for the "New" relationships. It simply lets that special someone know that you are thinking of them.

A local florist can deliver the flowers to your recipient with a message card.

Someone need a pick me up -

A basket of Flowers or a flowering plant with a teddy bear is just the right touch to brighten someone’s day!

Perfect for someone who is having a bad day or doesn’t feel well.

True Love -

Roses can represent many things.

Red Roses have been long known for their association with LOVE. But don’t feel confined to just red!

Red rose wedding bouquet

If you know she likes pink, then send her 1 dozen pink roses.

For special occasions, such as Birthday, Valentine’s Day or Anniversary, make more of an impression by sending a spectacular 2 or 3 dozen roses in a vase.

To be unique, send 2 or 3 dozen of a more rare flower, like calla lilies:)

WOW! Add balloons and a bear for a real surprise!

When in doubt…

Ask the florist.

They are the experts!

Tell the florist what kind of personality your recipient has. Maybe even what colors they like.

With your sentiment in mind, they can recommend the perfect arrangement.

Include a Message…

Always include a message with your flowers. Even if it is simply, “From, John” or “Love, Phil”.

It can be very frustrating to some people to receive a gift without knowledge of who sent it.

Simple sentiments like….. “Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you today” or “Thank you for being you” are appropriate.

Of course, if the gift is being sent for a particular occasion, mention that.

For example, “Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman- With Love, John”. Perfect! Simple and Sweet!

Add something special-

Florists often have many things that can be added to your floral arrangement to make it extra special.

Plush Animals, Mylar and Latex Balloons and Chocolates are just a few of the items that can compliment your floral gift!

Chocolate flower

Timing- Remember to order early before busy holidays, especially Valentine's Day!

Most florists suggest ordering a week before if possible. This will ensure a better selection of flowers and timely delivery to your recipient.

Finally, don't order your flowers through a call center! These companies charge you a fee to process your order.

Even if they tell you that they don't charge you fees, they will absorb a portion of your money, and then pass the order on to a local florist at a decreased value!

Make sure you order your floral gift directly from a real local florist in the town you are sending them to. No Middleman, No Extra Fees!

This will ensure that you get the best value & service!

Your floral gift will be beautifully designed for presentation.

You will impress her with your romantic man side

About the Author:
Tenley McDonald - Former Florist- guy guide to flowers Now Co-Owner of http://www.flowerpowernetwork.com (Online Directory of Real Local Florists) Ms. McDonald has over 14 years experience in ~Consumer Relations/Marketing ~Customer Service Management ~Floral Design. Please email the Author directly for reprint permission of this article