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Common Format Of A Wedding Reception
by Matt Campbell

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Common format of a wedding reception:

Arrival of guests at reception site

Typically, a wedding lasts about 15 minutes. However, some guests do arrive early to the reception.

Therefore, be sure all reception to-dos are complete by the start time of the wedding.

Also, all wedding vendors should be wearing proper attire for early arriving and late staying guests.

All tables should be set-up including cake table, entertainment’s table, sign-in table, food tables, and tables with chairs for all guests.

If you have a seating arrangement, all seating lists should be at the reception with everyone’s name with where they are sitting.

Introduction of wedding party

This step is not mandatory, but it is nice for everyone to know who the wedding party is as many have not met before your wedding.

Create a “Reception Planning Guide” and give this to your master of ceremonies prior to your wedding. This details, among other things, the order of entrance into the reception site with their names and titles.

The order of entrance is as follows:

  1. parents of the bride,
  2. parents of the groom,
  3. ushers with bridesmaids,
  4. flower girl and ring bearer, special guests,
  5. best man,
  6. maid/matron of honor, bride and groom.

In addition, review the pronunciations of the wedding party's names with the master of ceremonies.

Introduction of bride and groom

This is always the last of the introductions. Everyone should stand before the bride and groom enter. In addition, a special song can be arranged with the music entertainment and a special announcement made to punctuate a true grand entrance.

Also, inform the master of ceremonies how you would like to be introduced: Mr. and Mrs. Smith or John and Jane Doe.


This is another step that is not mandatory, but for the religious couples makes a nice setting. If you invite the person who performed the marriage ceremony to the reception, I would recommend having them conduct the blessing.

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