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Can’t find Mr. Right? Compromise, don’t settle.
by Terry Hernon MacDonald

You are a 37 year old career woman; your job gives you the social and financial status you need to enjoy a comfortable and stable lifestyle.

You know what you want out of life and you’re on your way to achieving it.

None of your previous relationships lasted long enough for you to settle down and fall in love.

But as a single person you are now finding out how difficult it is to find a man who can compliment your lifestyle.

Lately you’ve been a little anxious; you’re not getting any younger.

Your ideal; man must possess enough pizzazz to at least be able to further stimulate your already fulfilling life.

Not too much to ask.--Right?

You keep a long list of requirements your ideal man must fulfill. But are you being realistic?

I’ve asked several career women to describe their ideal mate. Here are some of the answers I received;

Soul mate, emotionally secure, financially stable, and intellectually stimulating, a good sense of humor, a gentleman, not afraid to express love and affection, ready to commit and accept responsibility.

In addition, he must be reasonably good looking, in good physical shape and sexy, and it won’t hurt if he is a good dancer.


It’s not that such men don’t exist but how available are they? Hence how realistic are these expectations.

Remember, men who meet these requirements, may also have their lists of must haves in a mate. And maybe, just maybe, you may not meet these requirements.

So you may come face to face with this reality; two people seeking perfection in each other with no intention of budging until they find it.

The sad part is that some people hold out for years determined to find their Mr. Right. The fallout is an army of eligible individuals approaching the age of 40 living lonely and unhappy lives.

So what is the solution? ---“Compromise.” --- I can just hear you saying.

Compromise? Why should I?

I set my standards and by no means am I going to settle for less than I deserve. And you’re right.

Sometimes accepting second best may work for a while, but no matter how good things turn out, you may always be dissatisfied believing you could have done better.

The good news is that compromise does not always mean settling for less.

And since no one is perfect, there is no harm in modifying your requirements to accommodate someone you consider worthwhile.

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