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Is cooking a way to a man's heart

by Caroline T.

50% of men and 45% of women (50% vs. 45% respectively) believed a home cooked dinner to be more romantic than dining out.

It is also a sensual experience. It requires most of the senses, scent, taste, sight, and sound.

Our mothers have given their daughters that advice to snag a man.

I am okay at it.

But I don`t like it.

Cooking for 30 min to an hour and eat it up in 10-15 min? The return on the investment is poor in my eyes

One woman got proposed even before she had cooked a real meal for him.

There are other factors that will make a man stick with you.

It changes up to mood, opens the heart and mind to prepare for a sensory experience.
Yes of course in a few cases, the associate it of the love from their mom. (would you date that man anyways?)

According to my readings, several men perceive a home cooked dinner as an intimate gift.

Since they STILL have the social pressure to be a successful breadwinner, it makes them feel special and taken care of when a woman cooks to please him.

He may also feel that you are appreciating his efforts towards guarding the well being and the safety of the family.

According to the above stats, it does not only apply to men. It applies to women as well.

Everyone wants to feel looked after. It is more important then how good you are at cooking a turkey at Thanksgiving.

Is there such specific food associated with love and nurturing?


Italian food.

It is simple to do with easy to find ingredients. And often it meshes well with a glass of wine.

Men from most recent generations do not look as much for great cook in their partner.  They do know how to feed themselves and some a damn good at it.

However, if she does great cooking, it makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside and they tend to miss the partner more.

Being a Cordon Bleu would that keep your man and see you as a life partner?

The answer is no.

What keeps people together is connection, respect, same views on money matters, same lifestyle goals and a fulfilling intimate life.

If you are not Martha Stewart, it is okay. He will still marry you if he desires to.

85% of men remain impressed just because you have tried to please him.

So just make a meal. Add spices, sauces to a ready-made plate.

Add some sauce to canned food. Give it your own flavor. Mix vinegars with pepper and oregano. Learn some spices mixes from other cultures

It is up to your imagination. It will make some nice sensual moments for both of you.

Cook with him. It is a sexy activity for your relationship

But remember; you will have a better success at respecting your guy, value the gestures he makes towards you even if it is not perfect, admire him for what he does and care about his feelings.

Then your burned pancake on a Sunday morning won`t matter. He will find you rather amusing.


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