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Eight Characteristics that Give a Man the Absolute Best Chance to Score with Women
by Mike Pilinski

For a man, successfully meeting women is all about how you ACT.


Sure, you have to look halfway decent in the way you dress, stay groomed and not stink like the chunk of two month old polish sausage that I just found hiding in the back of my refrigerator the other day... but the make-or-break factor is and always will be the WORDS that come out of your mouth, and the ATTITUDE that underlies it.

With that in mind, here's eight points to load into your mental backpack when you're getting ready to go off to battle (which is to say, every day of your life...)

1) Remain Focused on the Game -- The art of attracting women is all about knowing how to engage them with a natural curiosity that shows you are at least a little bit interested in *their* world (WARNING: too much = a slick phoney, so be careful).

Look for LifeLines (anything that she's hinting she would be open to talking about) and stay committed to working them.

Forget about yourself.

Fade out your own ego.

There'll be plenty of time in the future to gab about your own amazing life.

Remember this: you are NEVER desperately looking for an "ear to bend" -- you are always looking to draw HER out instead.

Only those lost souls with limited social contact hungrily crave the attention of any person they can corner into listening to their non-stop yabbering (I'm not trying to sound cruel here, just honest).

Tune out the surrounding world and focus in on her as if you were the only two people in the universe. If done properly (without any subservient whimpering), this kind of attention is flattering to her in an almost breathtakingly way.

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2) Stay Calm -- Above all else, act like you're familiar with this whole process. Seduction always begins as a low pressure event.

Place her at ease with your laid back demeanor, and let her slowly begin to feed off of it. Be a lighthearted flirt.

Don't be obvious -- keep your interest vague so as to give everyone an "out" to protect all egos involved (both yours and hers).

She will appreciate your tactful approach immensely, and be impressed with your consideration and charm.

3) Demonstrate Charisma (Likability) -- Sometime during the course of the evening, offer a single simple compliment about something unique to her style and presentation about herself.

No canned "You have such beautiful eyes..." compliments.

Don't go overboard or make a big deal about ANY compliments that you pay her. Make them seem casual and unplanned (a sudden pleasant thought that just popped into your head and slipped out before you could stop it...), then IMMEDIATELY move on to other topics. Trust me, she heard it.

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