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Men's Success in the Online Dating Game

There are several ways to get more replies when answering personals ads. You can increase your chances when it comes to the competitive Online Dating Game:

Try to always include your picture when responding to an ad.

When it comes to internet dating as you may already know, there is plenty of competition especially for guys. Women typically receive more responses than they can handle when they place a personals ad on the web.

Here is where you must give yourself an opportunity to STAND OUT from the crowd & give them a reason to want to write back to you.

Including your photo accomplishes exactly that: if your potential mate knows what you look like, she is more likely to reply to your ad.

Of course, the odds of getting a reply from an ad depends on the quality of the picture. It is suggested to hire a professional photographer or service completes this task for you in order to give you the proper edge. For services that allow more than one photo, you may consider a face close-up and a body shot both.

If not, you can sometimes use software such as MS Paint to produce a collage of several pictures - this may also produce the unique effect that is needed in order to make you stand out from the crowd.

You can insert the picture into the Email so that download is not necessary or better yet, build your own website!

This will give you the freedom to include all the personal information plus photos on the site & let you simply include a link to your website in any Email or message board saving you MUCH time plus effort, etc. There are numerous services on the web who offer completely free websites.

Write a friendly 'impact' note that includes something about yourself.

This should again be a creative statement that would separate you from the crowd to effectively produce an impact on the reader.

Is should also include why you are interested in the person you're writing to. It's also very important to list some of your vital statistics such as:

Name (If you wish to sound more personable)
Eye / Hair Color
Body Build

Listing your statistics vertically makes it simple to read.

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