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by Judi Singleton


Erzulie DantorErzulie is the Haitian Goddess of Love whose roots go back to West Africa. She can bring one love, pleasure, understanding of emotion, healing from all that has hurt women, especially through the dance.

She is a very generous Goddess, but she takes many form from the flirting virgin, to the Woman Warrior, to the red eyed crone.

Water is her domain; she can heal through water especially female problems. She symbolizes the meeting of the spiritual world and the natural world.

She is centered in emotion. She cries because there is not enough love in the world.  Erzulie is the protector of women who have been abused. She is often called upon by women who have been hurt by a lover. Call upon Erzulie, to understand your own deep passions, and emotions.

For these emotions move you through life. To understand these emotions is to be able to direct your destination.

Heal the hurts within you by calling Erzulie name, she understands how to heal each hurt inflicted By another and how to lead you to forgiveness.

Dance while visualizing Erzulie, for she loves pleasure, dance with abandon of your emotions and see her coming to you teaching you to use all this emotion in your life.

Call on Erzulie to learn how to bring more love into the world.   I believe that knowing myself is the journey I travel in this world. 

So to call forth the archetypes of the Goddess is a way of knowing myself in this form I now occupy as a woman.

All aspects of the Goddess reflect us as females living today as they have down through time.

Every country has its Goddess and seeking the many names of the Goddess honors one as a woman.

About the Author:
Judi Singleton is the publisher of Jassmine's Journal, one ezine, eight lists, Subscribe today to Goddess Gospel at or to any of the lists that interest you. Suggest a new list at I am always interested in hearing from you and love to write and research for your pleasure.

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