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The Essence of Commitment: Footpath to Lasting Romance


“I don’t understand your uncertainty.  You say that you flip over me me but you don’t want to go a step further in our liaison.

What’s wrong? If you really adored me, you would climb that step.”

Pop culture wants us to believe that Love conquers all.  We have all been influenced, as children, to a story or two,  where there is a Princess and her Prince Charming who are confident that with only the strength of their love they will live happily ever after. 

That belief takes inception in our heads and develops undesirable weeds. Naively, it’s tinting our decisions when choosing a partner.

I came to suspect that Love is just not enough. 

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Passion is volatile.  And desire needs to be nourished. 

It takes Commitment; with a Big C.

Does that affirmation triggered an anxiety attack?

All the Commitment Phobics, who are reading this, must maybe have a shortness of breath. According to the book "He's scared, She's scared" from Carter & Sokol, there are 5 components of commitment:

Being monogamous is similar to putting money at the bank for tough times.

Commitment Phobics can go on with you by getting married, have kids and still not be committed;  when the anxiety occurs it is taking over reason.  Your partners withdraws, becomes silent, passive, mysterious, hides, or even worse, is unfaithful.

Committed relationships don't build on a click of the fingers.  It's difficult to ultimately find one and to keep one.  You need to have personal abilities (acquired or not) for commitment and a good self-esteem.

Those commitment qualities have to be present in both parties to lead to emotional fulfillment and satisfaction, and to remain Happy as a King. 

Wishing you great luck!

Make him fall deeply in love with this

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