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Signs of Infidelity - 21 Categories of Telltale Signs

by Ruth Houston

wife. But it’s also easier for a husband to get caught while trying to make contact or stay in touch with his lover.

19. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE - 32 telltale signs

Many times there’s physical evidence just waiting to be found.

Check your husband’s wallet, his pants or jacket pockets, his desk or dresser drawers, the wastepaper basket, his closet shelves, the floor in the back of his closet, the garage, his study, filing cabinets, his workshop, his toolbox or any place else you can think of. 

Keep your eyes open.

You’ll be surprised at the kinds of physical evidence of infidelity you can find. 

20. HIS BEHAVIOR AROUND OTHER WOMEN - 71 telltale signs

Studies show that a man is most likely to have an affair with someone he already knows—a woman he comes in contact with on a regular basis – a neighbor, a coworker, a family friend or business associate.

If you’re observant, you may be able to determine the identity of your husband’s lover by the way he behaves in her presence, or by how she behaves around him.


Sometimes you get lucky and find out what your husband has been up to by accident, or through some strange quirk of fate.

An accidental slip-up on his part or on the part of someone else can clue you in to what’s been happening behind your back.

Excerpts taken from "Is He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs"

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About the Author: RUTH HOUSTON is the author of “Is He Cheating on You?-829 Telltale Signs.” For more information about the book, cheating husbands or signs of infidelity visit http://www.IsHeCheatingOnYou.com To receive a FREE Infidelity Report which includes 29 Telltale Signs, send an e-mail to CheatingSigns@aol.com

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